How to Create a Simple Business Plan

The first two parts of creating a business plan are very important. What I mean is that by having a system in place first, and creating a plan second, you’ll be able to see more of the details of your business during your business planning process.

And, you’ll be able to get a head’s up on what you nee to do, and plan better for it.

Now, this article is going to either scared you to death, or help you realize that you can do it, as simple as pie. Both are true for most people, entrepreneurs or not. The hope of this article is to show you what you need to do, including how to format the plan, and how you can even add more details to your plan when needed.

Step One: Marketing and Targeting

The only place you’re going to make money with a marketing campaign is in places where you have qualified customers. If you’re not in a location where your customers can spend their money, then even the best offer in the world is not going to work for you. Think of it like fishing bait, if you don’t cast it in the right place, it may not do you any good. Same thing here with your product or service.

So, your first step in creating your plan is to pick just where you’re going to put your efforts to market… and… cast your marketing hook where it is meant to be. This area is known by many as the target market.

Step Two: Getting on the Right Track

If you have a product or service, be it a real estate guru or a psychology coach, you need to know where you want to go. This is why you have to figure out your target market. Unless you’re Marketing 101, get an education on the subject, to have some clarity on where you want to go with your product or service.

Step Three: Creating Business Processes

Once you figure out where you’re going, you have to create business processes for how your product or service gets and gives its value.

Step Four: Creating An Effective Marketing Plan

Even when you’ve figured out the right target market, and the correct business processes to create your product or service, a marketing plan will exist. Vague marketing plans, smaller than expected results and nagging thoughts about doing something else is nothing to look up to.

If you have over 6 months of time and dedication to your business, you’re only going to be able to produce, on average, 1-800 to 3 products and services, at a time. And, that’s easily manageable. However, if you have other things that you want to achieve, it takes more time and planned effort to get a product or service out there.

So, now that you have your business process set, it’s time to create your marketing plan. How you get customers, and what effective marketing and marketing channels you use is something you can use for your business planning process. It will describe in cold hard terms, why you’re going to market and who you’re going to market to.

Step Five: Getting An Education and A Plan From Your Target Market

The last step of creating a simple business plan, or learning how to do it, is to simply go over it again with that specific business niche. You can do it daily, weekly, or several times a day. But, do it with intent, having the end result in mind.

And there you have it. This simple plan that you can use to teach you step-by-step how to get a business up and running, all by following these simple steps that you will probably learn even more from reading this article

If you haven’t read the full “How To, How Not To” Series on creating a business plan let me just tell you that I wish I had read it before I worked so hard to create this step by step process. I would have spent years trying to figure out what to do instead of wasting hot noon hours stumbling over notes with either old school or online business tactics. Something was definitely amiss.

Creating a plan on how you’re going to get sales is going to take some retraining. If you’re still relying on conventional marketing to get your business off the ground, then you need to take a serious look at what you’re doing and go find something better. Even if that means taking a full time vacation for at least a week or two.

What your plan is going to do, will ultimately translate in how you bring value to the lives of your customers. So, before you go out trying to create a plan on what to do, try the same exercise with step one of creating a marketing plan. See how easy being completely focused on your desired outcome is going to make everything else completely forgettable.